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May 4, 2022


Mmmm, Spring! The season that makes me feel a lil bit more alive and full of hope after a long winter. With the changing of seasons comes new opportunities to add some extra self care into our lives … and we all could use a little more self care. It feels good to feel good — I’m working on prioritizing *myself* and wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to add some joy into my days this spring:

Coffee Walk

All walks should include a cup of coffee, who’s with me?? There’s something about strolling slowly while sipping on some coffee … instant mood booster. If you’re local to the Appleton area, grab a drink at Tempest and walk the trail down by the Fox River, it’s a hidden gem. In Neenah, you can stop at Lawlss and do “the Loop” around Little Lake Butte des Morts (also, a great thing to do to pass time during the lunch/edit break on your session day before you come back for the same-day reveal!)

All the Flowers. All the Plants.

Where are all my plant ladies at?! *raises hand*. Add some greenery to your collection or some color to your home. Digging in dirt just does somethin’ for the soul. Chris, my fiance, gave me a monthly flower subscription (best Christmas gift ever!) — every month I get a wrap of loose stems delivered to my porch from The Flower Mill. It’s my favorite day (and usually a surprise because I tend to forget when its coming up) and I love getting to arrange them myself! Such a fun creative outlet that doesn’t involve sitting on my computer!

Brunch Hard

Brunching is my favorite hobby. Throw in a few good friends plus great conversation and it’s easily the best way to fight off any Sunday scaries. A few of my local favorites to check out: Field + Fire, River Tyme Bistro, Acoca, SAP, and Author’s Kitchen + Bar.

Morning Routine

Wake up with enough time for YOU. Instead of rushing out the door, wash your face, put on some spf, journal, and enjoy a cup of coffee out on the patio. It doesn’t really matter what you include in your morning routine, just having a routine and being *intentional* with it is important. The best way to start your day is by prioritizing your self care. It sets the tone of the day and tells the universe you’re ready for all the good vibes to come your way.

My Simplified Morning Routine:
-wake up
-contacts, brush teeth and slather myself with moisturizer
-make coffee while feeding the dogs
-sit on my patio to make my daily to-do list + journal (time and weather pending, of course!)
-get ready for the day and start work

Open Up!

In my early 20s I lived in a tiny apartment that had one window and received NO direct light. Remembering those days, I do not take sunshine and fresh air for granted 😉 Every time I open my windows now it’s a reminder to practice gratitude for the lil things. We’ve all been cooped up in our homes during this long Wisconsin winter, it’s finally time to open up those windows and enjoy some fresh air. Not only will this lift your mood, but your house will smell better too. Bonus points for a light breeze coming through  🙂


It’s rummage sale season which means lots of people are ready for this! My life feels ten times more chaotic when my home is a mess. Taking some time to declutter and organize does wonders for my mental health. My long term lofty goal is for EVERYTHING to have its PLACE (it’s a process!). Try this: focus on one room in your house this week and find five things you’re going to get rid of. (Insider Information: Doty Island (Neenah/Menasha) rummage sales are June 11th — mark your calendars!)

Say “Hey, Neighbor”

Listen, I know we might not all have the best neighbors. However, in my neighborhood so many people are milling around and out walking. We see no one in the winter and *finally* people are starting to emerge from their homes 😉 I challenge you to be a lil friendlier to those that you see everyday but may not always notice. The truth is, we live in a lonelier world more than ever. It’s easy to close the garage door behind us and easier to look down at our phone than drum up *gasp* small talk. However, sometimes people just need to spot a smiling face or know that they are seen. Even if you deem yourself an introvert or anti-social, as humans we crave connection and need socialization, so don’t forget to acknowledge people and just say HI!

Get Naked 😉

I had to plug this in here, can ya blame me? What better way to add some self care to your life than to enjoy a day all about YOU. Truly, there is something liberating about just *doing* the session and stepping out of your comfort zone. I can’t explain it, but you’ll know what I mean when you experience it yourself. Let’s get you on the books! You can inquire and get all the info here.

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