shake your fist at your stretch marks again. What I can promise, is that you'll learn that you aren't drowning. That even though you may ride the hot-mess-express every day, life isn't about having it all together. That the number on the scale doesn't define your worth. That there is no high in this world like the one where you know you don't have to change to be beautiful. That if you want to change the very course of your self-love journey, you can.

You'll leave feeling undeniably beautiful and confident; two things you can use as a shield and wear like battle scars, because you paid dearly for them. You fought for them, you rose up for them, and you won.

More info and FAQs on the entire process below.

I do not photograph naked women. I mean...I do, but when I think deeply about what I consider my duty to capture, the naked body doesn't come up at all.

I photograph the shift. The "moment". The lightbulb. I photograph those very first few moments where you are exploring the meaning of your true beauty. Those moments where you've set aside all of your titles and expectations, and spent some precious time fostering the relationship you have with yourself. I photograph you accepting and celebrating your truth and your imperfectness. I photograph you challenging yourself to be vulnerable and raw.

I can't promise that you'll walk out of this experience and never again have a doubt about yourself, or that you'll never 

My GOAL is to create an experience that screams extra while still being R E A L. This isn't just about the PHOTOS, I'm in the business of lifting others up so they can live their
B E S T life.


"Emily truly has an amazing eye and talent for making you feel like the most beautiful and powerful woman in the world. I originally thought I was doing this for my fiance but as soon as I saw the photos of myself I felt on top of the world and realized this was just as much for me too. If I could give one bit of advice out there to any woman, just do it! "

Sessions are exclusively limited per month. The $399 sitting fee saves your date at the studio and includes professional hair and make up by the in house artist.  The studio is usually booked out 6 months in advance with some last minute spots available!

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Arrive at the studio in Appleton to enjoy a day all to yourself!

You'll probably walk in feelin' a lil nervous but within minutes you'll be right at home, I promise. 

it's time!


At the same day reveal session select your favorite images and final products. Luxury and top of the line curated heirlooms are calling your name!

Albums, digitals, prints, viewfinders, wall art, oh my!



Where the real connections begin! A private group for past and future clients. Find info about sessions, get first dibs on special offers, see before + afters, and learn to love yourself even more! 

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Please plan to book your session for a date that is 4-6 weeks prior to when you will need the final products delivered.

I am now booking 2020 + 2021 dates and the studio is usually booked 3-6 months in advance with some last minute availability. 

when should i book my session?

A lot of clients travel to me for their session! Whether a short day trip from Chicago or flying in from Texas, women come from far and wide!

If you choose to travel I will send a link to the best accommodations, how to get around, and my favorite restaurants.


The studio has been located in a historic area of Appleton, Wisconsin since 2017. It's a hidden gem, just wait until you see it! On the water, industrial windows, and of course, lots of plants!

where is your studio located?


Yes! There are multiple options that are easy to set up and interest free

do you offer payment plans?

The session fee includes professional hair and makeup, 60-90 minutes of studio time, in house editing and retouching, and same day viewing. 

Physical or digital products are purchased separately at the reveal. 

All the choices are overwhelming, aren't they? I truly believe boudoir is my specialty. Not only do I have an eye for light and posing, I understand the movements and form of the body so that your photos only compliment you. I have worked with every body type and age. Before every session I prep and customize based on each client's needs and requests.

The photos you see on my website are of every day women, just like you, usually with no prior session experience. I do not do model calls or hand select people for sessions. Once they arrive, every client warms up within minutes.

I like to think "I get it". Boudoir has taught me that all of us are in the same boat. Our stories are quite similar. When you do a boudoir session the photographer is holding your confidence in their hands. Please make sure to do research on your investment and pick the best photographer for YOU!

This is a luxury experience but all you have to do is show up as yourself. Boudoir is about more than the photos for me and I think you'll understand that when you walk in the door!

does the session fee apply to my order?

why should i choose you over everyone else?

Only if you say so! I have many sessions that I don't get to show. Some clients give me a full release, some limited where the photos are only anonymous, and some not at all. You have total control!

are you going to share my images?

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