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Specializing in meeting women right where they are with photos to celebrate their story at any stage of life.

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"Now I see what he sees, I get it..." she said with tears in her eyes.

I think thats the best outcome of boudoir sessions. "Brave + Beautiful" and "Life Changing Experience" always seems a bit cliche to me.

But to really feel like YOU, to not feel like you need to hide, not to be a prisoner in your body, to feel COMFORTABLE in your relationship, being able to now be vulnerable. I mean, can you imagine how much your life would change if you walked around with a bit more pep in your step and actually loved yourself a bit more?? Maybe it won't change everything, but it can knock down all those walls you've built up around yourself. And thats a really good place to start. 

I say it all the time, a boudoir session is more than just the photos...

More than just
another photo session...

At the same day reveal session select your favorite images and final products. Luxury and top of the line curated heirlooms are calling your name!

Treat Yo Self

Arrive at the studio in Appleton to enjoy a day all to yourself and leave feelin' like your best self. This experience is about so much more than just pretty pictures. 

It's Time!

Sessions are exclusive and limited per month. The $399 sitting fee saves your date at the studio and includes professional hair and make up by the in-house artist. 

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to step out of your comfort zone


the perfect gift for your significant other


to celebrate a life milestone


you deserve to have photos you're proud of


a full day to yourself, need I say more?


First and foremost, your decision to do a boudoir session should be for YOURSELF. Your intentions have got to be right to get the most out of this. But in case you need another reason...

need a little convincing?



reasons to do a

f e a t u r e d 


She is incredible and the entire session is just like chatting with a friend you've known forever. Whatever your reason for doing a shoot with her, do not talk yourself out of it! You'll leave feeling confident and empowered. She knows what she is doing and you're in the most capable and talented of hands!

"A friend you've known forever..."

real client review


I had my session with Emily and I am so completely blown away! I am super self conscious after a major weight loss and I’m extremely shy. A boudoir shoot is way outside my comfort zone but I am so glad I did it! It wasn’t awkward in the slightest. You get to see your photos the same day and I was almost in tears because I couldn’t believe that these amazing photos she was showing me- was me! She really knows how to work magic! Every woman needs to do a boudoir to see yourself in a new light.

"See yourself in a new light..."

real client review


She is truly a professional and the end product is always stunning. She is timely, responsive, and super easy to work with. The experience she creates with Love, Emily is unlike any other. You walk in unsure of yourself and leave feeling like a damn queen. She just gets it. Would recommend her 1000 times over!

"She just gets it..."

real client review

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