White Glove Service Experience

for Photographers

A high touch point mentoring program to fast track your boudoir business has been the missing piece in the education world. I want to think outside of the box with you, not just apply a quick fix, copy and paste formula. Think of this as coaching, mentoring, and consulting all wrapped up into one. Not only will I help you build a better business, I'll help you build a better life.  

You'll have access to all my business operations and knowledge, along with all the physical assets I use in my brand. An intensive questionnaire will help us pinpoint exactly what you need help with and the areas of business you want to grow. The day of is completely customized and catereted to you. Afterwards you will have a full month of email support as you apply and implement what you learned. 

Let's walk through how I pose clients head to toe. We'll go through a mock session with a live model so you'll see exactly what I do and all the lil tweaks that take an image from basic to spicy!


Wondering how to stage and style your studio to use it to its capacity? Let's figure out whats missing and how to make it unique to you.

studio critique

Diving deep into your social media channels, client VIP group, and website to turn it up a notch! If your inbox is quiet or your engagement is low, let me help!

online presence audit

Sharing all my email templates, workflows, pricing guide, and client touch points. You'll have my entire business operations at your finger tips!

get all the goods!


"Emily is the most business savvy person I know! She's unapolegetically bold when it comes to strategy and  seems to know the secrets that turn businesses into empires."

Meet Your


With 8 years of experience in photography and after multiple requests to teach, I decided it was time to jump in!

I've noticed there is a major gap in the photography education world, especially within the niche of boudoir. Success and ego can get in the way fast of educators and I want to make sure that when you learn from me the ball is never dropped and secrets are never kept.

Am I an expert in everything? No. Absolutely not. But I'll show you exactly how I built a wildly successful business and beautiful life.


Let's                          Your Business to
Six Figure                

lets go!



Your Business to
Six Figure                

A full day at the studio or online. I am also available to travel to you if you would like me to mentor you in your space - it would be a great way to see how someone else would utilize poses in your own studio. 

How This Works

Totally Customizable

Everyone is a at different level of biz and I dont think education should be in a box. You get to choose what you want to talk about and how deep we go on each topic. No fluff. No secrets.







Private, full day mentorships start at $1,997.
Payment plans available.

Invest In



/ Invest In

Your Biz

Invest In


why do i need to apply?

why do i need to apply?

Mentorships are limited to one per month and I want to make sure I can give each mentee exactly what they are looking for. The application process helps me know if I can help elevate your business or if I think someone else may be a better fit. This is a high level, white glove experience. Let's start the conversation!

where do we meet?

where do we meet?

1:1 mentorships are available on location or virtually. My studio is located in Neenah, Wisconsin. I am also able to travel to your location if you would like mentorship in your own studio and to see how I would utilize it. Currently available for travel in the US only. 

what do you actually know?

what do you actually know?

Heres what my zone of geniuses are: client experience, sales psychology, pricing, social media strategy, design, copywriting, attraction marketing, leadership, posing direction, content creation, mindset work, navigating the luxury market, studio staging and aesthetics, business operations. I have invested countless hours and dollars into my own education, let me teach you everything I know!

im a business owner, but not a photographer. Can I still hire you?


I'm not teaching photography, I'm teaching biz strategy! Think of me as your own high level business consultant. While I am in the boudoir industry myself, what I teach can be applied to any small business that would like to scale and grow. With a diverse background in business, design, sales psychology and a degree in journalism and advertising I can help many entrepreneurs elevate their biz and their life. In the past I have worked with salon owners, clothing boutiques, and interior designers. 

Your message is on its way!

Lets start the conversation and see where I can help!




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