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February 27, 2019

Day 10 : Meet Emily | 10 Days of Giveaways


Hi, Im Emily! Photographer at Emily Megan and Love, Emily Boudoir.  After a long journey of self love and discovery through my 20s I have realized that the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have.

My thoughts when it comes to boudoir?

You don’t have to wait until you lose 30 more pounds, you don’t have to wait until the kids are older, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion.

Self love, self care, and investing in yourself are important pieces of living a beautiful life.

Boudoir is for every single body and you deserve this at any stage of life. Let’s celebrate you and who you are right now.


Common Questions About Boudoir + Love, Emily

Do you photograph plus size women?
Yes! I have photographed women of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. 21 year olds to 60 year olds. Petite to plus size. Moms. Stretch marks. Models. Amputees. You will notice that lighting and posing plays an important role in the outcome of your images, let’s show you off!

Why do women do a boudoir session?
It’s really all across the board! Wedding gift, celebrating a milestone, just for fun, a recent heartbreak, weight loss/gain, a confidence boost. Everyone’s reason to do a boudoir session is unique to them and a very personal choice.

Will you share my images?
Only if you say so! There are multiple privacy options to choose from and you don’t have to share them at all! Although, a lot of women do change their mind after the session and want to show them off! I totally respect and understand your wishes.

Are you going to pose me?
Yes! Direction and posing is key! Its a workout and I come to sessions in athletic wear for this reason – I am constantly demonstrating, posing, and moving around to guide you.

I’m nervous!
Everyone is! Within 5 minutes you will feel comfortable and realize its not like anything you had in your mind. While the images are HOT, doing a boudoir session is not sexual in any way. Think yoga in your underwear.

Will you photoshop me?
Part of doing a boudoir session is to see yourself in a new light and to gain confidence. Will I remove imperfections – if you want me to! Will I reshape your body? No. Posing, lighting, and direction will show you who you are in a whole new way! I do not want to give you images that are just another unrealistic thing to compare yourself to. Anyone can do this and that includes YOU.

Where is your studio located?
I have a private and unique studio in a historic area of Appleton, Wisconsin. Think industrial windows, lots of plants, a modern vibe and a view of the river! If you would like to see before/afters of the studio project, click here.

Aren’t you a wedding photographer?
YES! I am a full time wedding photographer and owner of Emily Megan Photography. I still photograph a full season of weddings each year and my studio work is focused on boudoir.


Win A Love, Emily Boudoir Session + 5×5 Custom Album
Photo Session with Emily Megan

Make sure you are in the Love, Emily VIP Group for all the details!


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  1. Kelsey K says:

    This is awesome! Thank you for all the info!

  2. Heather K says:

    This is an absolutely amazing opportunity for whomever wins this. You are truly amazing to be gifting such a priceless experience to one of your followers! I admire your work and will definitely be jealous of the winner.

  3. Talía lewis says:

    I’ve always been supppper nervous about getting in front of the camera for a boudoir session- after reading your post makes me rethink the idea because of your comment “making you see yourself in a different light”
    Show me off 💝

  4. Kaitlynn Marciniak says:

    What are some things that someone could expect upon arriving for their boudoir session?

  5. Stephanie L says:

    So empowering ♥️

  6. Lacey Busse says:

    You’re work is amazing!

  7. Mandi says:

    Love this! What a great confidence boost. “Think yoga in your underwear” 😂

  8. Emily says:

    This will be an amazing experience for whoever wins!! What an awesome giveaway!!

  9. Evelyn Andersen says:

    Super exited for my upcoming session!!

  10. Brittany Stackinski says:

    What are some ways you make clients more comfortable with the shoot?

  11. Catie M. says:

    So exciting!! Your pictures are amazing! The winner will be one lucky lady! Boudoir pictures give you such a boost of confidence and make you feel super empowered!

  12. Hallie says:

    Absolutely love this 😍 would also love to be able to add a little bit of a fitness aspect into the mix! Thoughts?

  13. Hayley Peebles says:

    The work you do is amazing…..but the body positivity is part of your best work!

  14. Kayla Vraa says:

    Emily this is awesome! You really have such talent! ❤️

  15. Jen Dilge says:

    Doing the boudoir shoot was just the self love, confidence booster I needed at age 45! I was very nervous and it took me a year to actually go through with it. I have no idea why I didn’t do it sooner! This literally is for everybody! It really is a fun experience and something to look back on when I am wiser (not aged) 😉

  16. Alex J says:

    I really would love to try this!

  17. Eliza says:

    I just love how empowering and how you really want people to feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin!

  18. Samantha says:

    This is awesome Emily! You are so talented! ❤️

  19. Katie says:

    Your pictures are fantastic! Love that you’re promoting self love – every one is different (personality, body type, interests, etc.) and we shouldn’t knock ourselves down (or anyone else for that matter) because we don’t look a certain way. Confidence is beauty! ☺️

  20. Chloe Anderson says:

    Emily produces the most amazing, stunningly visuall work that is all about self and self appreciation. And she’s a dime ✨

  21. Katrina Konetzke says:

    You’re studio is like a dream! (That green couch thoughhhh 😍)

    The sense of confidence and comfortability you provide to the gals who come to you is so evident in your work.

    Cheers to you, Emily! 💋🌿

  22. Madeline says:

    your work is beautiful and very much empowering! Finding my body in a ‘new light’ after my recent pregnancy has been this years goal! Would love to have a shoot done 💗💗💗💗

  23. Lea says:

    Your work speaks for itself. There is truly nothing better then looking at yourself and actually feeling beautiful in your own skin. Your work allows women to feel beautiful and empowered!

  24. Keisha Balch says:

    Emily, I love your positive outlook you’ve given the group… it’s incredible to see women praising women.

  25. Katie Hogg says:

    I love your responses! Makes boudoir seem do-able 😆

  26. Tanya says:

    I love this info and how empowering it is! I can’t wait for my session!

  27. Sheena R says:

    Love your work and cannot wait for my session with you in April! 💜🤗

  28. Abby says:

    Your work is amazing, Emily! Would love to try this at some point! 😊

  29. Sarah A says:

    Amen! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I love this group and what it stands for. Emily’s work is stunning!

  30. Mandi says:

    You are very talented and inspiring! Thank you so much for that! You do great work and I always enjoy seeing it… Good luck with all your new adventures!

  31. Kelly Wroblewski says:

    The way you empower women to love themselves for who they are is incredible. And your TALENT!! Its a powerful combo! Love your work.

  32. Jeanette Dobberstein says:

    Love your work! And the empowerment of women to feel beautiful!

  33. Lizzy says:

    For anyone thinking of booking a shoot with Emily, DO IT!!! She is amazing and makes you feel so comfortable in your skin. I’m already itching to do another shoot and I just did one in October.
    Her VIP group truly is a blessing and I love what she stands for.
    Keep up the great work, Emily!

  34. Nikkie says:

    Thank you for empowering women to be themselves and love from within!

  35. Lyndsey malliet says:

    I love your work! I refer all my friends to you! The way you empower women and speak of confidence and loving yourself is so inspiring!

  36. Hannah says:

    These are all great things that are offered!

  37. Katie says:

    I’d love a session like this to gift to myself and my husband! What a confidence booster! I’m happy to read that you photograph women of all sizes, because that’s what I’m always most nervous about. What if we don’t have a boudoir wardrobe for a shoot?

  38. April says:

    I absolutely loved working with you and started talking about my next session soon after! It was fun and it gave me such confidence! Thank you for doing what you do and the organization of these giveaways…. dang girl!!!!

  39. Leighia Francis says:

    First off I had so many thoughts when I scheduled mine and I would say schedule it sooner than later, we will give ourselves thousands of reasons to back out and we never will feel fully ready. Emily is amazing and you will feel amazing regardless of if your single, married, engaged, have kids, etc.

  40. Marisa says:

    Really considering doing one of these. Shoots. Just need to do it!

  41. Bekka says:

    Loving the confidence you are giving women to embrace 100% who they are! <3

  42. Lonie LeFevre says:

    I love your work! It’s so pretty and I love that you’re empowering all women! I’m considering doing a photoshoot myself!

  43. Stephanie Peters says:

    I’d love to give a session a try! I have recently lost weight and I’m still learning to love my body. Do you have pieces we could borrow for the shoot if we don’t have much? I love seeing the photos you post too. What a great giveaway to let someone who may be nervous about it give it a try!

  44. Mary says:

    This is such a great giveaway! I love your tips

  45. Mary nieland says:

    This is such a great giveaway. I love how mich info you give about the session to make sure people are informed and feel comfortable

  46. Katerina says:

    I think what you do is awesome! You are giving women confidence and that is something I always strive to give even when I only have so much myself. 🙂

  47. Natalie says:

    The winner of this will be so lucky. Your ability to uplift women and create confidence in them is so special. You totally inspire me!

  48. Amber says:

    One day I WILL be doing this!!! Your work is amazing lady! 😍

  49. Shae M says:

    This would be an amazing opportunity! Such a GREAT way to gain some self confidence!

  50. Shannon Green says:

    I went into this extremely nervous…but by the time I left I felt like a model rockstar. The VIP hair and makeup treatment was more than I hoped for, and Emily made me feel so comfortable. Her expert posing advice really helped get the pictures I was hoping to achieve. I did a boudoir shoot for my now husband, but would do that or any other type of photo shoot again with her in a heartbeat. I would honestly love to do one more for me than for anyone else next time around. Her use of lighting and color is 👌🏻! You can’t go wrong working with this talented boss babe! 🖤

  51. Brittni Prellwitz says:

    You are Simply Amazing! <3 From your motivation, positive attitude and of course your photos!

  52. Ashlee Styczynski says:

    I’ve been following your work for awhile and absolutely love it! It’s amazing how you empower women!

  53. Missy says:

    Love that you place so much emphais on self-care and self-love 💜

  54. Jenna says:

    Your work is amazing, thank you for empowering women!! Girls rule 👑

  55. Brittany Running says:

    I love the idea of self care and self love that your business promotes. And you’re pretty darn amazing for doing such an incredible giveaway!

  56. Trina says:

    Empowerment for women by a woman just makes things better!
    Thank you for promoting beauty for all!

  57. Jackie krahn says:

    You are simply amazing to be offing such an amazing prize. Its a 2019 goal for me to do a boudoir photoshoot and i would be over the moon if it was with you

  58. Michelle says:

    I’ve loved watching your work! You are so talented and I hope some day I can do this type of photo shoot!

  59. Kristin Peters says:

    Em – you are such an amazing and talented photographer and person.

    I’m always in awe whenever you post your latest photos.

    I’m so proud that you, “Little Emily from Marion/Caroline, WI,” dared to quit your day job and followed your dreams, cuz just look at you now!! You are unstoppable and seriously one of the best photographers I’ve ever seen!!


  60. Brittneie says:

    I love following your work and recommending every lady I know to you!! Thabk you for making women feel empowered and beautiful!

  61. Meagan says:

    Love the before and after pictures of the studio, you have great information for possible clients

  62. Bridget says:

    I was able to see the work Emily has done in person and it is breath taking. Not only does she make her clients feel comfortable but she brings out the best in each one of them! I hope to one day work with Emily myself and share her work with others ❤️

  63. Angelica warren says:

    Omg I can’t wait to see the winner. I will definitely be booking soon. I’m moving to a new apartment and I would love to have some sexy pictures up in my bedroom and maybe other rooms. ❤️😊

  64. Mickayla says:

    I’m going to be so jealous of whoever wins! Emily is the most amazing photographer I’ve ever worked with!

  65. Kayla W says:

    Your words are SO empowering.
    I’ve always struggled with loving myself inside and out. I get so frustrated with myself because I see all other people of all sizes and think how beautiful they are and their bodies but then can’t always see myself in the same light.
    Whoever wins your giveaway will be so incredibly lucky because I’m sure it will build confidence and bring so many smiles.
    I would be blessed to be chosen but even if I’m not – to any person that is, I feel so thrilled for them.

  66. Brooke-Lyn says:

    I’m beyond obsessed with this page. 😍

  67. Alexus says:

    You are so inspiring, I love that you are so honest in everything you do!

  68. Mandy McLaughlin says:

    You’re such an empowering and talented boss babe! And what an amazing giveaway! Whoever wins will be a very lucky girl!!

  69. Haley says:

    I really have been wanting to do this but I’ve been nervous about how to pose and that It would look awkward and wouldn’t look nice! After following you on social media, my mind has done a 180, I’m confident that I’m ready to do this!

  70. Dana Mohn says:

    Girl, even if I don’t win I’m going to have to save up some money to do this. Life goals!

  71. Lyric says:

    Someone once told me that having a boudoir shoot is a “transformative” experience…and they could not be more right.

  72. I was so self conscious growing up. Worried about what people would think or how they would react. But now as a business owner I am coming out of my shell and saying to the world here I am love me or hate me. I think boudoir is breaking out of the shell and learning to love myself.

  73. Tifani Bratton Wesner says:

    After five kids and losing the baby weight, I so want to do this!

  74. Calie Gihl says:

    I’ve been following your work for several years. I have to say, talent aside, it is clear that you really are all about empowering women! That is truly amazing and I can’t wait to meet you and have you be part of our engagement photos and your team be a part of our special day <3

  75. Kailene Young says:

    I am hoping to do a session for my wedding! So excited for this opportunity. You are amazing!

  76. Rachel M. says:

    What amazing pictures! Love how you are empowering all women through these shoots

  77. Melissa Kay says:

    Love what you do! It’s incredible how you build women up and show them how beautiful they really are.

  78. Anja says:

    Beautiful work

  79. Ashley Kowalski says:

    It would be a dream to work with you and get to see myself in a light of self confidence and a gaining of self esteem. I will definitely be saving up to do a shoot even if I don’t even end up winning!!!

  80. Olivia says:

    Thanks for all the info! I have been interested in the past. You have definitely re-sparked my interest and I’m so very excited!

  81. Katie says:

    Your pictures are so uplifting! Honestly I’m chubby & I feel like I would love looking so sexy & confident…in my own skin! We are women, we are sexy, & we are beautiful at every size!

  82. Amanda says:

    I can honestly say doing a shoot with Emily helped my body image and confidence so much. I had no idea I was capable of putting myself out there like that, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. If you have not had this experience yet I highly, highly recommend it!

  83. Tagen says:

    Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for doing this! It got me looking forward to something everyday and the prizes have been AMAZING! You are the BEST girl!

  84. Jessica says:

    A boudoir shoot is something that has never crossed my mind until I came across your work on Facebook. There is something so empowering about your work, Emily! Maybe someday I will gain the courage to be in a shoot like this! Love the giveaways this week!

  85. Jenna says:

    I have been wanting to book a session for some time now, hopefully I will gain the confidence in the near future! ❤️

  86. Leah Yates says:

    Wow! Your blog/website is so beautiful! It just adds to how creative and in-touch with your art and people you are! I would love the chance to meet you and build a lifelong friendship! I hope I’m picked ❤️

  87. Shayna says:

    Such amazing work and thing that’s been on my bucket list for a very long time now! I think I just need to give in and do it!! ❤️

  88. Ashley says:

    Getting myself to do this type of photo shoot is a goal of mine. You are such an inspiration and make such a positive impact on so many women. Way to empower others through your work! You are amazing!

  89. Summer Verg says:

    I so want to do this!! After having my son I need a confidence boost!

  90. Jasmine says:

    Love everything about this post…so positive + empowering ✨ I love following along + seeing all the amazing things she does!

  91. Ashlie says:

    Your work is stunning! It’s so alive & real. Hope to be a client someday! ❤️

  92. Jessica says:

    I am so, so looking forward to my appointment in March. Thank you for being size inclusive and just a genuine good soul. ♥️

  93. Janice says:

    Ugh..I’m one of those that say when I lose 30-50lbs. I guess I should book a session soon so I can build some self love! Your work is Amazing!!

  94. Hayley says:

    I love to see the inspiration and women inspiring and supporting other women! The world needs more of your positivity!

  95. Katie says:

    I was one of the women who thought I needed to lose 25+ pounds before I did boudoir. I was wrong! I’m SO glad I did my session exactly how I am! Emily made the entire session so comfortable and FUN. The photos turned out AMAZING!

  96. Morgan says:

    I had a boudoir session done a few years ago for my then to-be husband. I honestly don’t know if the experience was more of a gift to him or myself! I am now a mom and would love to do a boudoir session to highlight the amazing changes to my body!

  97. Wendy says:

    Have been looking for someone to take photos. You do it all.

  98. Alexandria Goetsch says:

    After reading all your info and seeing some of your work as well as emailing back and forth with you I have definitely become super excited to go for it after this pregnancy!! You have a way with words to make someone feel comfortable with you before even meeting you! Keep up the awesome work!!

  99. Katy says:

    Love my photos from you and your awesome studio!

  100. Teresa says:

    This is such an amazing thing to do to boost women up and gain their confidence. This would be an awesome experience ❤️ Thank you for what you do.


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