3 Things NOT To Do Before Your Boudoir Session / Wisconisn Boudoir Photographer

February 15, 2021

Get a Spray Tan
I know your first instinct, especially in Wisconsin winters, may be to go and get a spray tan so you “glow” in photos. But please do not get a spray tan prior to your boudoir session. Spray tans may work well in other photo scenarios, but when it comes to boudoir, we are going to be seeing more of your body than normal. That means the bottoms of your feet, hands, the inside of your elbows, your knees – and if you have any experience with spray tans you know that those are the first places where the color buildup is noticeable.

Another reason is that the coloring may wear off onto outfits, bedding, and other furniture in the studio.

Your skin tone can also photograph as orange or gray if not applied correctly.

Also, as a note, my editing is typically “warmer”, so you will not appear as “dull” as you might think.

Shave or Wax (if you don’t already)
I would skip shaving or waxing if you do not do this already. Your skin may react in a negative manner or you may have an allergic reaction to new product. I once had a client that shaved with a new brand of razor the night before her session and had a negative reaction to the metal. Better safe than sorry – especially the week prior coming to the studio!

Also, speaking of body hair, please do not feel you need to rid your body of it for your session. The societal stigma of what is “normal” doesn’t apply in the studio and if you prefer to be natural that is perfectly fine!

Lose Sleep!
99% of my clients walk into the studio and say “I’m so nervous” or “I didn’t sleep” or “this is so not like me”. And when I say 99%, I mean basically everybodyyy… boudoir and lingerie is not normal everyday activities for most, so don’t feel like you are the odd one out! I promise 5 minutes into your session you will realize how easy this is going to be and how non-sexual the experience is. No need to know how to pose or put on a sexy face – I’m going to pose you from head to toe!

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